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About us

Where Quality Knows No Compromise

Our company is an established furniture component manufacturer firm.
During our 30-year operation, we have acquired a stable know-how in manufacturing molded, curved and bent plywood products and components. As a supplier to renowned Western European companies, Licit Ltd. has become an active and significant player in the global competitive market – thanks to the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology and precious professional experience.

In plywood manufacturing, we offer a unique and complex service system based on the creative application of conventional and contemporary technology, the importance of intellectual capital, and an exhaustive network of professional contacts.

Outstanding technology, 30-year experience in manufacturing

We have gained exceptional professional experience in the last 30 years, and we can simultaneously manufacture more than 20 different products using conventional and high-frequency pressing technology.

The science of design and manufacturing cannot stop without a reliable team – our family-centric approach has forged a strong, cohesive community and crew in a constantly evolving environment.

Environment-friendly approach

An ethical and responsible attitude begins with procuring wood – we use raw materials exclusively from FSC®-certified sources and only water-based surface treatment materials. In this way, we not only protect the environment by leaving natural forests untouched but also avoid endangering wildlife, and we are confident that workers on these farms are treated equally and fairly.

In the production process, we strive to introduce material- and energy-saving solutions that produce less waste, and we accentuate the importance of recycling management.


Client-driven and ethical business attitude

An oral agreement binds us – we keep our promises to our partners, even in emergencies. We believe in constant, mutual communication, flexible problem solving and continuous monitoring to identify and prevent errors.


Our services include manufacturing ready-made components on demand, the production of ready-made packages, and the assembly, along with the production of boxed, branded products, which also involves assembly, varnishing, and frame structure.

We are looking for strategic partners who can provide back-back service.

Manufacturing & Technology

We can simultaneously manufacture more than 20 products using conventional and high-frequency pressing technology. The excellent quality of our beech, oak and birch veneer products is guaranteed by machining with our 5-axis CNC machines. Our finished products are delivered lacquered, stained, oiled or raw, according to the needs of our customers.

Case study

In addition to manufacturing, we emphasize the joint product development with our partners. One such successful professional challenge is developing and producing Plydesign’s FLEET collection. As a result of the product family, Licit Ltd. has incorporated new technology into its operation and acquired valuable know-how and professional partners. Thus, our company has changed from a contract manufacturer to a European-level supplier.

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