In the case of the FRIGATE chair of the Plydesign FLEET product family, the versatile nature of plywood has been demonstrated in the design of the prototype. The use of a conventional plywood template made experimentation more economical and free, as its production was more cost-effective than if we had used an aluminum template from the beginning. Based on the final shape of the plywood template, it was possible to safely make the aluminum template, which has the advantage of being suitable for mass production and the low scrap ratio formed during production.
After zero series production, qualification testing takes place - our specialist partner has been steadily testing Plydesign products at competitive prices compared to the old Central European for years

Case study

2. Series launch, semi-finished and finished products in stock

As a project coordination partner, Licit Ltd. undertakes not only the production of plywood components, but also the search for, procurement, on-site assembly and packaging of elements.


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